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Li Yang May 3, 2001 15:24

Career Path again
Dear all,

I have read the discussion about Career Path with great interests. Thank you very much.

After my PhD study, I would prefer to find a Post-Doc position in an university in the US rather than an industry position as I prefer to do code development job. My question is : How could I find out which university needs CFD Post-Doc recently ?

Your suggestion would be very much appreciated.

Best regards


Beth Ketterman May 3, 2001 16:04

Re: Career Path again
Have you tried this link through CFD-Online?

Li Yang May 3, 2001 17:20

Re: Career Path again
Thanks. But it seems that chances here are still very limited.

I wonder if there are some other web sites advertising Post-Doc positions at the universities in US. I have heard that Post-Doc in US is not regarded as a formal position. I wonder if it is true and if that is the reason American professors don't advertise Post-Doc jobs very often.

Thanks very much indeed for your opinion.

Kind regards


Greg Perkins May 3, 2001 20:36

Re: Career Path again
Well go talk to people at conferences, in your department, at government labs etc. Developing these sorts of informal links is both useful for research and for getting jobs/post-docs at the end of your studies (I imagine). I think this is often the best way - I've been surprised at how well this works from time to time in the past. I would then treat looking for advertised jobs as a secondary function..


Jing May 4, 2001 03:18

Re: Career Path again
I agree with Greg's opinion. It is easier to get an interesting postdoctoral position from a professor who have had some communication with you.

And, you can also ask for the recommendation from your doctoral advisor and other professors in your division. Some professor would like to ask other professor if he can recommend a ph.d student to him as a post doctor.


Li Yang May 4, 2001 11:15

Re: Career Path again
Thank you very much for your suggestions !

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