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Roved May 4, 2001 06:57

Quality and CFD

One thin about CFD that has been discussed at this web site are the quality assurance of the simulation.

Does anyone know papers, people, or homepages that have discussion about this issue ?

Thanks in advance.



James Date May 4, 2001 08:20

Re: Quality and CFD
You should find more than enough stuff to get you started in :-

AIAA Journal Vol.36 No.5 May 1998

Lots of papers on verification and validation from the AIAA 26/27th Fluid Dynamics Conferences, 1995/1996.

Regards James

John C. Chien May 5, 2001 21:59

Re: Quality and CFD
(1). It is a very good question. (2). The issue has been long recognized in CFD research circles, including the technical journals. (3). As the commercial codes become more available, we also would like the users to honor the same quality guidelines. (4). The future of CFD depends on it.

CFD Code Writer May 9, 2001 13:35

Re: Quality and CFD
(1) It is a very good answer. (2) It is a very very good answer. (3) It is a very very very good answer. (4) It is very^4 good answer . . . . .

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