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Gennady Kireyko May 6, 2001 11:13

Mesh generator and CFD solver
To numerically simulate the heat and mass transfer of the viscous incompressible Bossinesq's fluid inside complex 3D scenes (laminar and turbulent regime of the flow), I need the following tools:

- generator of the adaptive calculation meshes (mesh from tetrahedrons?) to have possibility to take into account complex arbitrary form of the boundaries of the scene and internal scene's objects;

- CFD solver which can use above adaptive calculation mesh.

Now I use the own CFD solver on the base SIMPLE method of Patankar, which uses the orthogonal regular calculation mesh but it is not sufficient for numerical simulation of flows inside sufficiently complex scenes.

I found too many information about mesh generators and CFD solvers on the Resources but maybe somebody has correspondent experience and help me to do the necessary choice.

There are the following questions:

1. Can I find some free or sufficiently small price libraries of C++ (desirable) or Fortran codes of above tools (mesh generator and CFD solver)?

2. Can be SIMPLE method (or some its modification) used on the adaptive (non-orthogonal) calculation mesh (IMO SIMPLE method strongly uses the orthogonal properties of the mesh)?

3. What CFD method (finite volumes, finite elements) is more preferable for numerical simulation of the flows of the viscous incompressible fluids on the adaptive (non-orthogonal) calculation mesh?

Thanks for any response.

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