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Amir Al-Wazzan May 8, 2001 00:27

Porous media
Hi...How to specify the porous media (in FLUENT and PHOENICS) such that we can simulate a two-phase mixture to flow through?


Greg Perkins May 8, 2001 19:40

Re: Porous media
I assume you mean, two fluid phases - ie gas and liquid - rather than a single fluid (gas or liquid) with multiple species.

In Fluent 5.x you would have to specify a composite fluid to approximate the two phases, since two-phase flow with porous media isn't available. This may not be a good solution method.

In Fluent 4.5 you might be able to do this, with the granular model, acting as your porous medium and two additional fluid phases. In this case, disable solution of the solids velocity.

For a single fluid phase with multiple species flowing in a porous media - this is easy in Fluent 5.x and explained in the manual.


Greg Perkins May 8, 2001 19:41

Re: Porous media
Actually there is a porous media model in Fluent 4.5 too - see manuals about its capability.


Amir Al-Wazzan May 11, 2001 00:32

Re: Porous media
Dear Greg, In FLUENT 4.5, how to reach the granular model? Thanks


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