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Cristian Orozco May 8, 2001 12:19

Moving grids & compressible flow

I've been working in the developement of a code able to deal with problems involving Moving Orthogonal Grids and Incompressible Laminar flows. This code is based on the finite volume method and takes into account the Space or Geometric Conservation Law (Demerzic, Peric,). The code has already been tested.

Now I'm working in the modification of the code to be able to deal with Compressible flows (with the same conditions of Orthogonal grids and Laminar flow).

Does anybody know any well documented experiment or numerical results for testing the code?

I've been able to find a number of test cases but all of them used body-fitted or unstructured meshes or solved turbulent flows, which I haven't implemented in my code.

Thank you very much.

Cristian Orozco

Svetlana Sushchikh May 10, 2001 13:43

Re: Moving grids & compressible flow
Dear Cristian, I have used Finite Volume method, and I think the best test for the first step is the comparison with the analitical solution. Or for experimental and numerical results try to look in the book C.Hirsch Numerical Computation of Internal and External Flows vol.2 John Wiley and Sons 1990. There you can find many exsamples for different cases. Good luck,


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