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Frederic Felten May 17, 2001 16:20

flow over naca 0012
hi there,

i'm seeking experimental or computational data for the incompressible viscous flow over a naca 0012 for low Reynolds number (1000 < Re < 500000 ).

If you do have references for such case please let me know. Sincerely,

Frederic Felten

PS: i already checked the airfoil database available from the cfd-online server.

Elson May 18, 2001 09:37

Re: flow over naca 0012
hello You see informations about the Naca in: Abbott and Von Doenhoeff, "Theory of Wing Sections", 1959, Dover Publications, New York.

Frederic Felten May 18, 2001 12:11

Re: flow over naca 0012
this book is good, but only for forces and moment distribution. there are very few pressure distribution info.


Frederic Felten

John C. Chien May 19, 2001 14:52

Re: flow over naca 0012
(1). To measure the surface pressure distribution, the model construction and instrumentation will be much more complicated and expensive to build. And there is no need to do so because one is normally interested in the force and moment only. (2). To get the pressure distribution, you can use CFD.

frederic felten May 21, 2001 15:47

Re: flow over naca 0012
thank you John for your inside,

but the purpose of my message was to actually collect some references, experimental or CFD treating incompressible, viscous, low speed flow over a naca0012. If you do have such info please send a message, but if you don't have such info, there is no need for you to post a message. sincerely,

Frederic Felten.

Daniel Bruno May 23, 2001 00:31

Re: flow over naca 0012
Hello Frederic,

You'll find pressure distributions for the NACA0012 on Abbott's Theory Of Wing Sections. If you don't have access to it, I can scan the picture for you.

I did some investigations of pressure distributions over the 0012 and the results were always good.

Frederic Felten May 23, 2001 11:45

Re: flow over naca 0012
thank you bruno,

i do have the book and i checked the appendix I. The pressure distribution (v/V)^2 is actually there for the NACA 0012, but the Reynolds number is not specified. In addition the shape of the curve is typical of the inviscid distribution. For low reynolds number (Re < 500000), the Cp does not go back to 1 at the TE. If you do have some reference treating incompressible viscous flow over NACA 0012 for 1000 < Re < 500000 please let me know. Sincerely,

Frederic Felten./

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