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Anindya May 19, 2001 00:58

Model and Mesh generation Problems
How can I create a mesh which has cylindrical domain (fluid cells) and it will have a cubic block (solid) inside with prostar (StarCD)? I need your suggestions asap. I am trying to simulate flow through a cylindrical pipe which has a solid cubic blockage inside it. I also have access to Gridgen and ANSYS for building and meshing the model. So you can suggest me as to how to make the model using those two packages also.

Thanks a lot


John C. Chien May 19, 2001 02:02

Re: Model and Mesh generation Problems
(1). Two types of mesh can be used for a pipe, namely, a H-type and an O-type. (2). Some solvers can not handle the H-type because of the 180 degree corner. (3). So, O-type is better in this case. But the catch is it must be a multi-block O-type mesh. That is, near the pipe wall, it is O-type, and leaving the center with a four-sided H-type. (4). So, in the case of O-type, multi-block mesh, the solver must have the capability to handle it.(there will be four junction points or lines for the center mesh.)

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