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nicola maceli May 21, 2001 13:04

non-reflecting boundary conditions
I'm looking for some articles, papers, about non reflecting boundary conditions. I've read a very interesting paper written by D.Darmoval, and now I'm to read a paper by Giles. I don't know if this is enough; so is there someone that can give me a hint about some other interesting papers? I would like to implement non-reflecting boundary conditions to perform multirow calculations with passage averaged conditions at inlet and exit planes. Thanks

John C. Chien May 21, 2001 13:21

Re: non-reflecting boundary conditions
(1). This subject has been discussed more than once here, please do the old message search first.

Patrick Godon May 21, 2001 15:36

Re: non-reflecting boundary conditions
There is a review paper of Dan Givoli, on non-reflective boundary conditions:

Givoli, D., 1991, J. Comput. PHys., 94, 1.

You should find there quite a lot of information and references.

Cheers, Patrick Godon

clifford bradford May 22, 2001 19:13

Re: non-reflecting boundary conditions
Kevin Thompson has two excellent papers in Journal of Compational Physics. one is Thompson, K.W. Time Dependent Boundary Conditions for Hyperbolic Systems, II. Journal of Computational Physics, 89, pp. 439-461, 1990

also for N-S read Poinsot, T.J. and S.K. Lele Boundary Conditions for Direct Simulations of Compressible Viscous Flows. Journal of Computational Physics, 101, pp. 104-129, 1992

Giles is for turbomachinery I think

Peter May 25, 2001 17:00

Re: non-reflecting boundary conditions
Most recent review articles of nr-bc's are those of S. Tsynkov (in Applied Numerical Mathematics) and of T. Hagstrom (in Acta Numerica).


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