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Matthew Bliss November 29, 1998 11:53

Where can I find air density
I am currently doing a project at Brighton universty involving a rolling road in a wind tunnel to simulate relistic conditions of a vehical moving along the ground. My question is can anybody sugest any good books where I can get data on air densitys and viscosities.

Afshin Azari November 30, 1998 02:41

Re: Where can I find air density
I don't quite understand the question. However, if you wish to find the average atmospheric value of density, a good source is the "U.S. Standard Atmosphere, 1976". The publication provides the average atmospheric values of temperature, pressure, density, etc., etc. for a wide range of both geometric and geopotential altitudes. Contact NOAA (The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration in the United States). As far as I know, the 1976 version is the latest version.

D.M. Lipinski December 9, 1998 04:28

Re: Where can I find air density
Perhaps you could find the needed data in the book by Irvine T.F. and Liley P.E., "Steam and Gas Tables with Computer Equations", Academic Press 1984


D.M. Lipinski

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