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aim May 25, 2001 22:59

noise and turbulence
Can I get the noise data from the turbulence field analysis. I have get some information from the cfd online, some specialists have recommended me to use DNS data and then FFT if the flow is compressible, while imcompressible, i must first get the flow field, then get the source item,last solve the noise equation. but what is the DNS data,and, how can i get the source item and solve the noise equation. the software i am using is ANSYS Flotran CFD. by the way ,who can tell me the detailed website of the papers on noise and turbulence from prof. Lele.

Sarcasmist May 26, 2001 13:11

Re: noise and turbulence
Are you sure its not G. Lilley?? I have no experience with this but after an internet search (that took 2 seconds) I got these reports.. ------------------------------------------------------ ------------------------------------------------------ DNS: direct numerical simulation ------------------------------------------------------ DNS data: again after a simple internet search... ------------------------------------------------------

Sorry for the sarcasm but sometimes people just don't even try to answer their own questions before asking them to others... I would suggest to everyone who reads this to learn how to use an internet search tool. That was not sarcasm but I truely believe it is a great tool!

I hope I have helped a little...

John C. Chien May 26, 2001 14:22

Re: noise and turbulence
(1). My feeling is:human being likes to listen to the voice of another human being. So, I am always being treated as another human being, even though we are trying to answer a question in a way of interest to everyone. (2). So, looks like that you will have to provide the same message to the same question to every reader, each time they ask the same question. (3). People like "personal service" I guess.

aim May 27, 2001 23:36

Re: noise and turbulence
Thanks a lot!

Dimitri Nicolopoulos June 6, 2001 05:26

Re: noise and turbulence
You can check our website, There are a lot of applications of DNS in the aero-acoustic field (look under the M-Explicit Applications section).

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