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Abhishek Gupta May 28, 2001 07:55

aerodynamic designing
I am a student of Indian Institute of Technology Guwahati(India) doing my in Mechanical Engg. in IInd year.I am interested in the field of CFD and aerodynamic designing.I have done some work in incompressible jets and recently working in parallelising the SIMPLE algorithm using super computer. Kindly advice me that how should go about in the field of aerodynamic designing. anticipating a reply abhishek gupta

rajeev May 28, 2001 13:07

Re: aerodynamic designing
Hi Abhishek:

1) Well, you didn't mention how much you know about aerodynamics 2) firstly i would say, u need to go thru with basic aerodynamics fundamentals, refer Anderson's books. 3). Well as you mentioned, you have worked on SIMPLE which is an incompressible flow alogorithm. But most of aerodynamic problems are compressible flow. 4) Compressible flow algorithms are somewhat very different to incompressible flow one. 5) i would suggest, firstly you need to study basic aerodyamics and compressible flow CFD. There are numerous literatures on both fields.

regards, rajeev

clifford bradford May 28, 2001 16:40

Re: aerodynamic designing
I would recommend separating the CFD from the aero design. Take some classes at your school in aerodynamics and read whatever you can on the subject. It seems like you have a lot of skill in CFD; you should try to gain similar skill in aerodynamics.

Abhijit Tilak May 29, 2001 08:09

Re: aerodynamic designing
Hi abhishek,

Well First of all CDF & aerodynamics do not mean one & same thing. The algorithm ur are talking about is actually not meant for compressible flows which is a hallmark of areodynamics. Mech Engg use SIMPLE becsuse they deal primarily with incomp flows. If ur using structured grids you can use Red -Black Gauss siedel /Alternating Line Zebra algorithms along with highest optimization level in unix/Linux f77 complier & parallelise ur code ( I did that). Ofcourse ur machine must have >1 CPU's. Refer "Multigrid Tutorial " by William Briggs for algo details.

Hope this helps

Abhijit Tilak

Aero Engg Dept

IIT Bombay.

teja rao May 30, 2001 02:21

Re: aerodynamic designing
dear abhishek u don't know whats aerodyanamic designing. first,read it and SIMPLE deals with incompressible fluids which is not required in this. you rather seek proper guidance from your faculty. otherwise u can keep in touch with me i'll guide you so....all the best and wish that you are successful in your future endeavour. bye teja

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