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Erguven VATANDAS May 31, 2001 04:01

Finite Volume Rewiev
Hi..I am a Ph.Degree student and I want to find out recent developments about "Finite Volume method".. Could anyone help me investigate the recent situation of researches on Finite Volume Method in CFD? Thanks..

Ibrahim Mustafa May 31, 2001 07:16

Re: Finite Volume Rewiev
You should first list the journals pertaining to Computational Fluid Dynamics such as Journal of Computational physics etc. Then by reviewing their articles you will have some idea where we stand with regard to finite volume method. Some recent books may also be helpful.

Best Wishes.

Istadi June 1, 2001 01:48

Re: Finite Volume Rewiev
to get the more information about the finite Volume method, you can read the book of S.V. Patankar (1980) and his research about finite volume method. He also research about the fluid flow and heat transfer calculation.

Beside that, please refers to other books about finite volume method.Thanks

Kang, Seok Koo June 5, 2001 05:06

Re: Finite Volume Rewiev
As you probably know, there are two kinds of method called FVM. One thing is the SIMPLE (by Patankar) method which adopts pressure-correction techniques.

Another is the method based on higher order upwind schemes with spatial reconstruction such as MUSCL. Generally, the former is used for internal flows, while the latter is used for external flows.

For the SIMPLE, it is needless to say Patankar's book is a good reference.

For upwind method, Leveque's "Numerical Methods for conservations law" may provide good information. If you are interested in unstructured FVM see Barth & Jesperson's paper (AIAA 89-0366)

You should read recent journal papers to be aware of recent research trends.

Sebastien Perron June 5, 2001 05:48

Re: Finite Volume Rewiev
I suggest reading some of the articles shown at this location:

Specially, this one

"Finite Volume Methods". Handbook of Numerical Analysis, Vol. VII, 2000, p. 723-1020. Editors: P.G. Ciarlet and J.L. Lions.

R. Eymard, T. GallouŽt, R. Herbin.

A PostScript version (228 pages) is avalaible upon request (email: "").

This last book will give you a basic framework on how to define a finite volume method and to analyse other people's schemes.

Istadi June 7, 2001 05:31

Re: Finite Volume Rewiev
However, for the fluid flow simulation in the end of section of Patankar's book, it is no clearly described about how to develope boundary conditions, how to develope detailed discretization for momentum equation. So, We must self develope it clearly. We need the book that detail describe about discretization and examples and how to code it to computer code. It is very usable for early student or researcher that wanna to study the CFD.

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