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Syaek May 31, 2001 10:41

LES of Combustion.
Hi, Can anyone tell me about sub-grid scale turbulence and combustion modelling in LES please. PDF etc is in there. Perhaps relevant papers/books could be mentioned. thank you all.

Frederic Felten May 31, 2001 13:20

Re: LES of Combustion.
Check the following:

1)- "Large eddy simulation of unsteady combustion" Author(s): Moller, S.I.; Lundgren, E.; Fureby, C., Author Affiliation: Lund Inst of Technology, Source: Symposium (International) on Combustion Proceedings of the 1996 26th International Symposium on Combustion. Part 1(of 2) Jul 28-Aug 2, 1996, Napoli, Italy.

2)- "Linear eddy sub-grid model for turbulent reacting flows: application to hydrogen-air combustion." Author(s): McMurtry, Patrick A.; Menon, Suresh; Kerstein, Alan R. Author Affiliation: Univ of Utah Source: Symposium (International) on Combustion Proceedings of the 24th International Symposium On Combustion Jul 5-10, 1992, Sydney, Australia.

3)- "Progress in numerical combustion" Author(s): Candel, S.; Thevenin, D.; Darabiha, N.; Veynante, D. Author Affiliation: CNRS and Ecole Centrale Paris Source: Combustion Science and Technology v149, n1, 1999.

4)- "Future progress in turbulent combustion research" Author(s): Bilger, R.W. Author Affiliation: Univ of Sydney Source: Progress in Energy and Combustion Science v26, n4, 2000.(Elsevier Science).

5)- "Evaluation of the assumed beta probability density function subgrid-scale model for large eddy simulation of nonpremixed, turbulent combustion with heat release" Author(s): Wall, Clifton; Jan Boersma, Bendiks; Moin, Parviz Author Affiliation: Stanford Univ Source: Physics of Fluids v12, n10, Oct 2000.


Frederic Felten

Frederic Felten May 31, 2001 13:25

Re: LES of Combustion.
Hi there again,

you can also check the CTR website:

click the link to publication, and there you can check the Annual Research Briefs from 1995 to 2000. For 2000, several papers treat LES and combustion. You'll have to check the other years to see if you can find something interesting.


Frederic Felten.

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