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Maciej Matyka June 8, 2001 05:22

The NAC Method solver

look at

here are examples animations generated by my MAC solver. program cost 4$ (4 US), a full source code, only 10$ (10 US)...

mail me if interested (7 months of hard work...)

/// maq

Kike June 8, 2001 08:21

Re: The NAC Method solver
Dear Maciej

I have no doubt you had did a big effort. Have you compared with experiments or other numercial solutions any of those results you have?

I have seen you treat very complex problems in which we (our group) work since some time ago. Have you any published article with your results?

I have seen all your movies and I would like to hear some coments from you about them. For example, employed discretization schemes, surface tension model, contact angle dinamic model, pinching and reconnection models; as well as CPU time and memory requirements (according the number of markers) of your simulations.

I would like to suggest you for your future sales, as a colleague of CFDWorld, mention this and some other features of your code, before put it a price.



John C. Chien June 8, 2001 16:04

Re: The NAC Method solver
(1). For software distribution, you can try the shareware approach, that is you let the user run your software for free in the begining, then if they like it, they can register it (and send you the fee). (2). In this way, both sides will be happy, because trade is a contract between both parties. (3). You can ask the user to pay for the postage and material cost. (4). In the past I had bought some share ware products. I think, a book rate is reasonable if the product is useful,(something which can be used to create something else.)

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