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Radhika Gupta June 15, 2001 18:01

Plotting Iso Vorticity Surfaces
Hi there,

I am trying to plot Iso Vorticity Surfaces, for overset grids, using the grid files and the Q files for 2 bladed rotor. Which is better to be used, FAST or FIELDVIEW. or somebody know a better sorfware.

Any help will be appreciated !



John C. Chien June 17, 2001 01:03

Re: Plotting Iso Vorticity Surfaces
(1). FIELDVIEW is a commercial product, so, I think, you can contact the vendor and get the needed information and support. (2). FAST is from NASA, so I don't know whether you can get your needed support of not.

Bart Prast June 21, 2001 04:00

Re: Plotting Iso Vorticity Surfaces
We use fieldview and make a lot of vorticity plots. Fieldview works great with vorticity (iso-surfaces, whatever you want) Don't know about FAST

Kike June 21, 2001 04:29

Re: Plotting Iso Vorticity Surfaces
Dear John

I admire the way you have to write two sentences and to say nothing.



John C. Chien June 21, 2001 12:42

Re: Plotting Iso Vorticity Surfaces
(1). The fact is I have used both software. (2). If you are good, you can use FAST. (3). If you need help, then try the commercial one.

Radhika Gupta June 22, 2001 17:26

Re: Plotting Iso Vorticity Surfaces
Hi Brat and others,

If you have worked in Fieldview can you please tell me how do I plot, Iso vorticity surfaces. Whenever I tried plotting I get some, box type very weired looking surfaces.



Bart Prast June 25, 2001 02:22

Re: Plotting Iso Vorticity Surfaces
After you created the variable vorticity and you select it as the iso-function, it should be ok. You can have fieldview calculate the velocity gradients needed for the velocity or your own program. I don't know anything about your solution so I don't know what's wrong. We've had no problems yet with Fieldview.


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