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daniel troni June 19, 2001 14:02

Behaviour of a Submarine at Earthquake
Hi All-

Any Pointer of software or research for the subject :

Modelisation The Behaviour of A Submarine under a 7-8 Richter Seismic/Eartquake While The Submarine is going at his Max Speed to DOWN or UP..Or to define the dangerous mouvements while the earhtquake occurs...Or the identification, if it is same for an underwater Bomb Shock ?

thanks for any help


John C. Chien June 19, 2001 17:04

Re: Behaviour of a Submarine at Earthquake
(1). I have not seen any report of earth quake and whales. (2). I have seen reports that people are using water tank under the building to absorb the energy of earth quake (to reduce the damage to the building). (3). So, in ocean with a lot of water around the submarine, the earth quake should have minimum impact on the submarine. (4). My experience of the earth quake in a moving car is similar to the high side wind. Underwater Bomb Shock is a different thing. It will create very high pressure wave, which is different from the low frequency earth quake.

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