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Mo December 2, 1998 17:18

CFD in Biomed Applications
Hello Everyone:

I am somewhat of a novice to the field of CFD. My research involves Biomed Application. In particular, I am trying to simulate blood flow in the heart. I need a CFD software which is capable of Fluid-structure interaction and can handle moving boundaries and deforming meshes. Our research group has used Fluent and I recently acquired Fidap. However, Fidap is not working out too great so far. Does any one out there have experience and information on CFD software that would be suitable to my needs? Please let me know at


Cornel Mueller December 3, 1998 13:47

Re: CFD in Biomed Applications
CFD Reseach Corp. in Huntsville, Al, has a strong Biomedical Group. They are working for several years in the field and simulated many problems involving fluid-structure interaction using the CFD-ACE software. A typical example is a transient simulation of a moving heart valves including structural stresses in the valve tissue.

Please contact Dr. Vinod Makhijani (, the group leader, or visit the web page with at

Dr. Cornel Mueller

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