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Greg Perkins June 22, 2001 03:14

Wanted: Examples of Deforming Meshes
Hi all,

I'm interested in any examples of application involving deforming meshes with CFD. I'm particularly interested in the data structures and algorithms used to describe geometrical surfaces and update their position based on some physics.

Examples might include blowing up a balloon etc. My interest is in cases where the deformation is: a) a function of the solution b) large compared to the initial scale of the system - eg balloon again.

If you have any examples or know of any good resources plase let me know.



Gavin June 22, 2001 08:02

Re: Wanted: Examples of Deforming Meshes
There is a mesh-morphing and mesh-movement capability tucked away in CFX-5.4.1. This capability has been developed under an EU project called Bloodsim. Details and animations are shown:

Greg Perkins June 23, 2001 00:19

Re: Wanted: Examples of Deforming Meshes
Thanks Gavin - very interesting.

I notice that almost all schemes assume the topology remains the same throughout the simulation.

I wonder whether there are any examples in which the topology may change...


Cristian Orozco June 25, 2001 08:10

Re: Wanted: Examples of Deforming Meshes

I think you should have a look to a kind of problems known as fluid-structure interaction. You shoulnd't have much trouble getting information from different journals.

Cristian Orozco

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