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tiger June 22, 2001 10:18

gas-liquid problem??
Hi, Everyone, I am using CFX4.1 and solving gas-liquid mixing in a reactor. I want to solve the gas velocity based on liquid results( so I do not need to solve the gas velocity equations), However, I need to apply gas velocity results to calculate the gas volume fraction, so how can i avoid solving the gas velocity equations and which subroutine can I use to calculate the gas velocity and I can use these results to calcuate the gas volume fraction for the further iterations?

Thanks in advance. Tiger

John C. Chien June 24, 2001 21:04

Re: gas-liquid problem?? Use CFX-user Forum.
(1). There is a CFX-user Forum, if you post your message there, there is a better chance to get an answer.

Kike June 25, 2001 06:34

Re: gas-liquid problem??
Hi, Tiger

Formally, there is no "mixing" between gas and liquid; you have mixing between gas and liquid_phase_vapour. On the other hand you can assume, under centains conditions, a well sprayed liquid (ie. a few microns droplets) into a gas enviroment, or a well emulsified gas (ie. few microns bubbles) into a liquid medium as "a mixture". What is your case?

If you are looking for a "subroutine" then I agree with JCChien, go to CFX forum. All of us use



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