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Hachani June 23, 2001 04:02

heat transfert code
hello I am student of post graduation preparing a thése magister whose subject of search is the storage of solar energy in the ground. I have the honor to be sent a computer code which treats the transfer of heat of a source of energy represented by a pipeline of section cerculaire which transports hot water towards the ground " considered as a porous medium", control is established in the ground. such as the modes of transfer of heat are " conduction and the convection ". I wish that your answer be positive and in time as quickly as possible. accept thank you my sincéres greeting for your collaboration.

John C. Chien June 24, 2001 21:00

Re: heat transfert code
(1). What should be included in this kind of code? (2). What should be the input to this code? What should be the output of this code? (3). Why not ask your professor to write such codes, such that as a student you can use the code? (4). What's the name of your school?

Mark Russell June 25, 2001 05:52

Re: heat transfer code
I have read your note a few times and am not clear what your question is.

Are you looking for observations from people that have applied numerical codes to problems similar to yours? or are you looking for help in developing the code to study your problem? or are you looking for pointers to publications in this field?

You may get a better response if you consider carefully the question you wish to ask. For instance I have written my own transient conduction solver that allows the user to place localised regions of heat sinks and sources in a 2d region. That code and my experience of its use may be of some use to you, for now I cannot judge that. Elaborate further so that I can consider the relevance of my knowledge and my code.

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