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Saud Khashan June 25, 2001 10:19

Structured grid genereter
could some one refer me to a muti-block structured source code (hopefuly FORTRAN) generator. I need to use it to pre-process in a finite volume method solver. I will appreciate the help

John C. Chien June 25, 2001 11:03

Re: Structured grid genereter
(1). Have you checked the Resources/mesh generation section of this forum?

ab June 25, 2001 21:17

Re: Structured grid generator
Seen something like a (single block) structured mesh generator within Peric's distribution associated to (1) book. The file is called 'grid.f', and available in many flavors, just check directories (2).

Note that the 3D vesion is rectilinear only. Maybe you could help him at enhancement/cleanup. One also may appreciate the help from your source code, thanks.

(1) Computational Methods for Fluid Dynamics


Saud Khashan June 26, 2001 03:03

Re: Structured grid generator
Hello ab ..

Actually I am very familiar with peric's codes. and trying to work my multi-block (as well SIMPLE compressiple solution method) coded starting from them. IT will be much better if have a muti-block structured generetor and SIMPLE compressible RANS solver. I want to make sure that these codes are not available for free somewhere before investing to much time in coding.

Robert Schneiders June 26, 2001 06:54

Re: Structured grid generator


Regards, Robert

Saud Khashan July 2, 2001 04:45

Re: Structured grid generator
Thanks Robert. I got the program. it seems promosing but having problem with documentation.

mechiebud October 28, 2015 16:06


Originally Posted by Robert Schneiders


Regards, Robert

Hello Robert
Can I please get code for elliptic grid generation around airfoil?

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