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xiaoming June 27, 2001 16:24

error in BEM analysis
Hi, all. I am currently using a 3D Boudary Element code to run simulations. What I am doing is simply generating input data that defines the geometry of surface elements, then submit the task. However some results are weird. I suspect there's error induced by the mesh. However I don't have references at hand that tell me possible errors related to mesh in Boundary Element Method. Can anybody tell me the general principles to generate mesh for BEM? Thanks.

TOT KTO 3HAET June 28, 2001 08:57

Re: error in BEM analysis
I'm affraid this is not a right forum for BEM related questions. As you may have noticed most of the participants commercial code users. Few develop FV based techniques, less FEM. Two or three do work on spectral methods. One or two work on BEM/vortex elements. Nevertheless, coming back to your question, I'd say that THE general principle of meshing for the BEM is to make sure that the node-to-node connectivity is only counterclockwise (or, sometimes, clockwise -- depending upon how unit outward normals are evaluated in the code). This is what you have to check first. Other possible errors are hard to figure out, as you have to know inside of the algorithm (I assume you are only a user). In any case, BEM is very sensitive to any kind of error in specifying the boundary conditions, mesh data, and etc.

qdu July 8, 2001 01:22

Re: error in BEM analysis
This is Du Qiang, It's you? How are you now? Are you meet problem in BEM? Very sorry I don't understand the BEM. Anyway, if you need reference, you can tell me.

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