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Tikka June 28, 2001 12:48

fluid-structure interaction
Hi, I am trying to simulate the flow around a vibrating cantilever immersed in incompressible viscous fluid. I would highly apprectate if anyone working with similar problems could provide me with some references. Thanks. T

Dimitri July 3, 2001 15:55

Re: fluid-structure interaction
We have been doing quite a few FSI simulations with our code RADIOSS-CFD. You can check the exemples on our web site under the M-Explicit applications pages.

Ramadan Bassiouny July 5, 2001 20:03

Re: fluid-structure interaction
The finite element method is a strong tool to handle such a problem. If you have an access to ANSYS 5.4 or 5.5 package, it will handle your problem. Their web site is In ANSYS, they have a fluid solver called FLOTRAN. You can solve for your fluid flow using FLOTRAN and then transfer the resultant pressure as load on your structure and solve for the deformation using ANSYS/Structure discipline. I know that they have an educational version which can handle up to 1000 elements. All waht you need is to generate your grid and write an external macro which will take care of the solution process till the convergence. Good luck.

Peter July 7, 2001 14:08

Re: fluid-structure interaction
Yes, you can solve the fluid-dynamic problem with FLOTRAN, and then extract the pressure distribution on the wall and run the structural problem, but what do you mean with that macro? can you be more explicit? Thanks

Peter Attar July 7, 2001 15:08

Re: fluid-structure interaction
Here is an example of what he means:

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