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q.z. July 1, 2001 20:59

Introductory books on Large Eddy Simulation

does anyone know good introductory books to large eddy simulation? it would be quite good, if that book also contains some examples. i know the basic principles of LES, but still have no idea about the details (e.g. how to filter the navier-stokes-equations with numerical methods, and so on).

most books i found just explained the principles without any examples, and some of them were rather written for experts.

hope someone can help me.

thanks a lot!

Rajani Kumar July 2, 2001 08:12

Re: Introductory books on Large Eddy Simulation
hi, u can get some info from following site


Mayank Tyagi July 2, 2001 17:39

Re: Introductory books on Large Eddy Simulation
P. Saugat, "Introduction to LES of Incompressible flows" Springer-Verlag April'2001.

It is a decent book for the begineers and contains a lot of higher level stuff too (that does not mean that begineers can't understand it).... Although I would still suggest the journal papers to be the starting point if you want to be a researcher in this area

Bye Mayank

m zahid September 20, 2016 00:00

hi, i know this thread is around 15 year old. A lot of development has been done during this time. Recently, my friend recommended me this book

"Turbulence in Fluids" Authors: Lesieur, Marcel

this book includes all basic information about the development of LES from initial to upto 2008. If anybody know about the more advance book on LES please share information.

FMDenaro September 20, 2016 03:20

You can find a mathematical perspective of LES in this book

m zahid September 20, 2016 05:32

Thanks FMDenaro, i just checked this book. this book is good for detail study of mathematical perspective of LES.
Again thanks for sharing information.

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