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Michael Linderman July 6, 2001 14:41

Thermal modeling of a Al case
I am trying to conduct a thermal analysis of an aluminum case with a forced air heat exchanger. I am new to CFD and FEA and am not quite sure how to proceed.

Particularly I am unsure about boundary conditions, how to model the effects the fan, and how to account for the effects of the case's inner chassis.

I have access to COSMOS/WORKS that I am trying to use for the analysis. Is this the best software? Is there something better? What would be a good approach to take with this problem?

Any tips/hints/suggestions would be much appreciated.

Thanks, Michael Linderman

John C. Chien July 6, 2001 15:27

Re: Thermal modeling of a Al case
(1). Find a consultant, and discuss your problem with him.

Alton J. Reich July 6, 2001 16:23

Re: Thermal modeling of a Al case

This is one instance when I fully agree with John :).

Our CFD-ACE+ code is very good for coupling a flow solution with heat transfer in solids. I'd be happy to discuss your problem with you. Feel free to e-mail me or give me a call at 256-726-4919.

Regards, Alton

John C. Chien July 6, 2001 18:18

Re: Thermal modeling of a Al case
(1). I am just an ordinary person, trying not to hide the ugly facts. (2). If GE and Honeywell merger case can fail, then failure is not unusual. (3). At least, this forum is still alive, longer than the merger case, or many of the business. (4). If you put your dedication in it, you will get the very important "feeling and timing", which is essential for survival of business. (5). When a company is busy calculating numbers, it is heading to problems.

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