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Vijay July 7, 2001 11:28

Possible to do online PHD/ advanced course ?
Dear all,

I am interested in doing phd in CFD. I have postgraduate degree in thermal and fluids. I am interested in pursuing further studies. It is purely for the sake of increasing my knowledge. Also, I do not want to leave my present job which is in developing scientific visualisation packages. ( But, In my company educational resources like proper guidance, library, servers etc are very poor.)

I have found from the internet that some universities offer online or internet courses (Master level as well as phd level). Features I found are like this

1) No campus requirements. 2) All correspondance on internet/mail. 3) Learn at your own pace. 4) One professor from the university will be your

guide for phd. 5) Access to university servers for phd work.

Unfortunately, None of those universities are offering phd course in CFD or any other computational field.

Does anyone know of any such university which offers phd or an advance course in CFD or computational field. I will be very much thankful to him/her.

With warm regards vijay

B. Malone July 7, 2001 13:12

Re: Possible to do online PHD/ advanced course ?
Take a look at the following

John C. Chien July 8, 2001 02:40

Re: Possible to do online PHD/ advanced course ?
(1). It is important to realize that my definition of CFD is "Numerical analysis and mathematical modeling in fluid mechanics". (2). You will need to learn the basic numerical analysis, solution of partial differential equations, various mesh generation methods, turbulence and turbulence modeling, numerical solution procedures, in addition to the necessary thermo-fluid mechanics ,which can include incompressible flows, compressible flows (transonic, supersonic, gas dynamics,etc), boundary layer theory, conduction, convection and radiation. You also will need to know chemical reactions, or multi-phase flows if you are interested in these specialized fields. (3)As you see, CFD is not just running a code or taking a couple of weeks training in using a code. (4). You must have access to the technical journal papers and some standard text books. On your side, you will have to write your own program to solve these equations. (5). So, make sure that you do a survey of these courses first. and make sure that this is what you would like to do in the next five years. (this is not something like how to make a million dollars in real state in a year.) (6). And if you are interested in FEM, make sure that you have very strong math background. You will need that all the time, and no one else will be able to help you there. (7). A word of caution: approach it slowly.

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