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Ian Castro July 13, 2001 13:04

Laminar bluff body flows
Does anyone out there know of any good, time dependent computations of laminar flow over a thin flat plate, width 2h normal to a uniform flow at Re=2hU/nu>360, for the case when y=0 (the x-axis through the centre of the plate) is forced to be a symmetry axis - i.e. classical Karman shedding of alternate vortices is suppressed. If the plate is at the centre of a channel of width 20h, whose walls are free-slip (i.e. the plate is one of an infinite cascade), the flow is periodic.

I'd like some references for this or similar cases.

Max Huang July 15, 2001 17:57

Re: Laminar bluff body flows
Here is a good paper for flow past a normal plate:

Najjar, F. M., and S. Balachandar. 1998. Low frequency unsteadiness in the wake of a normal plate. Journal of Fluid Mechanics 370, 101-147.

But I am not sure if they did the forcing case. You can find some references there.

Good luck!

Ian Castro July 16, 2001 05:01

Re: Laminar bluff body flows
Thanks for that. Actually, they did NOT consider the problem I'm particularly interested in - the case when symmetry is imposed (at the plate centre-line) so that Karman shedding is suppressed and the wake bubble is very much longer.

I note that they state that an earlier paper of mine (Castro & Jones) over-predicted the bubble length because we considered steady state. This is a misunderstanding -- we imposed symmetry (as well as assuming steady state) and that is what leads to a much longer bubble!

Fady Najjar July 16, 2001 10:13

Re: Laminar bluff body flows
We have considered flow past a flat plate with an attached plate for Re upto 1000. This has been archived in:

F.M.Najjar and S.P. Vanka, "Numerical Study of a Separated-Reattaching Flow", Theoretical and Computational Fluid Dynamics, Volume 5, No.6, 1993.

Further, R. Mittal (University of Florida at Gainesville) has studied a similar flow configuration with his graduate student The archived reference is: "Simulation and Analysis of Flow Past a Wall Mounted Flap" by R. Auld, Department of Mechanical Engineering, University of Florida, 2000.

Please contact Prof. Mittal ( for thesis copy.

Max Hunag July 17, 2001 02:24

Re: Laminar bluff body flows
I thought Dr. R. Mittal is now at India Institute of Technology, Kumpur (India) instead of Univ of Florida...

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