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Jonas Larsson July 15, 2001 04:45

CFD Online Spam Protection
I've added an automatic spam-protection to CFD Online. The web-server will automatically identify address-harvesting robots and prevent them from accessing CFD Online.

This will hopefully reduce the spam email generated by publishing your email address on CFD Online.

If someone innocent is redirected by the spam-protection scheme please drop me an email.

Thanks to David Creech for the suggestion!

John C. Chien July 15, 2001 16:00

Re: CFD Online Spam Protection
(1). A few years back, when the company I worked for was very big on Internet and e-mail, my mail box is always full of junk mails from company's system people including teh CEO. (2). I must say that it is a waste of time that way. It might be easy and very efficient to send e-mail to a lot of people, but it definitely will cost the company a lot of time and money for the employee to read the e-mail, including the letter from CEO. (3). Normally, the CEO will tell you that he is in good shape and the company's stock is good, and you need to keep saving money for the company. At the same time, when you are reading the e-mail, the company is not producing anything. (4). The end result was, I didn't read my e-mail at all, and let the system program to "automatically" clean up the over-flow e-mail. (5). This problem is consistent with the over-supply of the memory chips production. When I was using my Amiga multi-media PC, the multi-tasking operating system was on the 3" floppy disk. (6). So, like over-inflated commercial codes, there are many places where improvements can be made. (7). Junk mails, big operating systems , over-supply of IC chips, and very large CFD codes, will become the source of death, sooner or later.

clifford bradford July 30, 2001 22:26

Re: CFD Online Spam Protection
Jonas is the man!! I never even considered that.

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