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Rouboa December 7, 1998 12:42

Seeking a best solver
I am seeking for the best iterative solver. Ax=B. A triangular non positive matrix, i tested a lot of classical solvers but i have some problems with a number of itarations. Thanks

Gassan Abdoulaev December 14, 1998 06:04

Re: Seeking a best solver
A problem with a triangular matrix can be solved directly with the time proportional to the matrix-vector multiplication time. I don't understand, why should it be solved iteratively. Just for training or testing purposes? Regards ...Gassan.

yun lai December 20, 1998 05:21

Re: Seeking a best solver
The AX=B, where A is a triangluar matrix, can be directly solved using 'Blas' matlib or 'lapack' lib, see Intel com's www.

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