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VLAD December 7, 1998 13:42

HI EVERYBODY! I am trying to implement a vortex for the purpose of transportation of simmetrical parts inside a straight and curve cylinders. Can you recommend me some source of information for calculation inlet and outlet parameters like: tangential velocity of a generating flow, longitudial velocity (pressure) in the vortex center, D/L cylinder ratio Thank you

Fabien Coppens December 9, 1998 06:42

Hi. If you want to get an idea of velocities in your swirling flow, you may want to check out some analytical vortex models : 2D Lamb-Oseen 3D Batchelor

here are some references :

Batchelor G.W.- Axial flow in trailing line vortices, J.Fluid Mech., 20(4),pp.645-658, 1964 Squire H.B.- The growth of a vortex in turbulent flow, Aeron. Quarterly, 16, pp. 302-306, 1965 Saffman P.G.-Vortex Dynamics, Cambridge University Press, 1992

Hope that helps !

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