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Frederic Felten July 25, 2001 16:00

Quadratic Upwind Interpolation
Hi there,

I am seeking references giving the expression for the coefficients used in the QUICK interpolation scheme for non-orthogonal and non-uniform grids.

Thanks in advance,

Frederic Felten.

Romuald August 1, 2001 10:09

Re: Quadratic Upwind Interpolation
Hi Frederic,

try the following article:

Darwish et al.; Numerical Heat Transfer B; Vol. 26; 1994; pp79-96;

Good luck and best regards


Frederic Felten August 1, 2001 11:41

Re: Quadratic Upwind Interpolation
thanks for the answer, but i actually derived the quadratic interpolation on paper, and it is very easy to figured out the coefficients. I posted the message without trying to do it myself first. I guess i was just lazy.

Thanks anyway, Sincerely,

Frederic Felten,

kalyan August 1, 2001 14:15

Re: Quadratic Upwind Interpolation

From you posting here, I got the impression that you are involved in code development for LES and your group is pretty gung-ho about minimizing artificial damping. Why this sudden interest in QUICK which usually leads to some damping. JUst curious.

Frederic Felten August 1, 2001 20:00

Re: Quadratic Upwind Interpolation
Well, that's a good question. Actually we are trying to understand why some people have used the QUICK scheme in collocated curvilinear geometry when others have just used a second order central difference scheme (CDS).

We realized that when the geometry is simple, like a wavy channel, the second order CDS works fine ,and almost no oscillations are present in the field. ( check Armenio and Piomelli,

Flow, Turbulence and Combustion,

vol 65, pp 51-81, 2000 )

When the geometry becomes a bit more complex, like a polar cavity, or flow in a bended duct (Check Zang et al. , J.Comp. Phys., vol 114, pp 18-33, 1994) a dissipative scheme like QUICK or SHARP is used to smooth out the field and not get just junk from the oscillations.

Actually i'm currently finishing the redaction of a paper that will be presented a the 3rd AFOSRThird AFOSR International Conference on Direct Numerical Simulation and Large Eddy Simulation ( next week. The paper addresses some of these issues and some better ways of getting ride of the oscillations without using QUICK. If you are interested, i'll send you a copy of this article as soon as the conference is over.


Frederic Felten.

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