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Merac July 27, 2001 08:02

velocity profiles
Hi there, can anyone suggest the most accurate equation for a turbulent velocity profile in a pipe? I know standard fluid mechanics texts have them, but they are a bit too general. I want to compare the velocity profiles I am getting with my commercial code with the analytical approach. Thanks!

wang July 27, 2001 10:55

Re: velocity profiles
Do you mean instantaneous profile or time-averaged?

Peter July 28, 2001 08:31

Re: velocity profiles
There are several choices depending on the references. Some people use: (u/u0)=(y/delta)^(1/7) and you get the displacement thickness: delta*=delta/8

John C. Chien July 28, 2001 12:41

Re: velocity profiles
(1). Schlichting's book,"boundary layer theory" has a chapter on "turbulent flow through pipes" which includes various formula for velocity profile, with test data.

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