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Neil Barton July 31, 2001 08:55

CFD Market Overview

I am planning on presenting an overview of CFD to a non-technical audience and I am looking for a few facts I can use in my presentation.

In particular I'd like to get a feel for the size and breakdown of the CFD market (I realise this has been partially addressed in previous discussions):

How many commercial and academic users are there out there?

How do the market sectors break down by percentage? (e.g. 50% aerospace, 25% auto, 10% process etc..?)

How does the market break down geographically? In particular I'm interested in the UK.

I'd also like a few amazing or amusing facts (e.g. What is the biggest CFD model run to date?)

Thanks for your help.


John C. Chien July 31, 2001 11:56

Re: CFD Market Overview
(1). For CFD Overview, you need to read our forum to get a better picture. (2). For commercial cfd codes market survey, you need to talk to the code vendors directly to get the sales number.

Bart Prast August 1, 2001 04:43

Re: CFD Market Overview
If you have these data, a lot of people would be interrested in getting it from you (including myself)

ken elms August 1, 2001 06:46

Re: CFD Market Overview
There are some good background articles on the Forum which give an insight on the subject and well worth a visit. I am not sure if the ball park figures you seek actually exist in a meaningful way. If you have managed to distinquish turbomachinery into its industrial sectors then please put your findings on the forum. Good luck with your presentation.

Merac August 2, 2001 06:52

Re: CFD Market Overview

Merac August 2, 2001 06:55

Re: CFD Market Overview
There's a site called which deals with CFD news, articles etc., which may give you some pointers.

Dan Hinch August 6, 2001 13:30

Re: CFD Market Overview
This topic was discussed in part in a previous discussion on this web site. Do a search of old postings using 'market share' and see what you find.

Neil Barton August 9, 2001 10:30

Re: CFD Market Overview
Thanks to everyone for their thoughts.

One of the things I'm after is a breakdown of CFD by industrial sector. I'm not sure this has really been addressed in this forum to date (but I could have missed something).

Perhaps one way of looking at it is to compare Scotland and England. I am an Geordie Sassenach exiled to Scotland. I'd guess the English economy has a fair balance of most Engineering sectors (automotive, power etc.). The Scottish Engineering economy is dominated by oil, electronics, power and nuclear companies.

My estimate is that there are of the order of 15 consultant-level CFD people in a population of 6 million. The UK Fluent/CFX/Star CD meetings generally attract about 100 people a year - 300 in total - maybe 900 CFD people in the UK (?). UK has a population of about 60 million, so Scotland should,on balance, have about 90 CFD people (I realise these number are dubious!).

There are usually a few CFD jobs advertised in the Engineering press in England every week. There are hardly any advertised in Scotland even allowing for the 10 to 1 population difference. That suggests to me that most CFD is done in the sectors that Scotland is missing, i.e. aerospace, automotive and defense.

What do you think?



PS - I'm still waiting for suggestions on interesting CFD facts - are there any?

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