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sreekanth August 3, 2001 12:10

unstructured grid
please let me know if any one has developed a code for 2-D steady state conduction process using unstructured grid

Anvar Gil'manov August 6, 2001 15:09

Re: unstructured grid
Here it is the brief contents of my book:



Moscow, Nauka, Publishing Company Fizmatlit, 2000, 247pp.

ISBN 5-9221-0060-2

Readership: Scientists, engineers, graduate and postgraduate students dealing with computational simulation. Summary: An application of adaptive meshes to gas dynamic problems is considered. The aeroelasticity problems with relative large displacement of interacting medium (the geometrically adaptive meshes), and the gas dynamic problems with multy-scale flow structure (dynamically adaptive mashes) are considered, where the methods of adaptive meshes are especially effective. The scheme of Arbitrary Lagrangian Eulerian (ALE) method and high accuracy TVD scheme are used. Multiple in one- and two-dimensional (flat, axially-symmetric) problems are solved using geometrically and dynamically adaptive meshes. Contents: Foreword. General statements about adaptive meshes. Introduction. Adaptive meshes. Geometrically adaptive meshes. Essentials of the numerical method for solving problems of interaction of a gas with deformable bodies. Mathematical statement of the problem of interaction of a gas with membrane shells. Description of the algorithm for solution of aeroelasticity problems. Conditions on artificial boundaries of computation domain. Solution of interaction problems on geometrically adaptive meshes. Solution of test and model problems. Interaction of membrane spherical gas-filled shell with a rigid surface. Interaction of elastic membrane with a gas flow. Break out the axially-symmetric parachute in a gas flow. Nonstationary processes in a rocket engine. Dynamically adaptive meshes. Essentials of the numerical method for solving of gas dynamic problems with multi-scale flow structure. Navier-Stokes equations. Schemes of increased order of approximation. Finite-difference equation of TVD scheme. Boundary conditions. Method of fractional steps. Locally characteristic approach. Dynamically adaptive meshes. Solutions of external and internal problems on dynamically adaptive meshes. One-dimensional test problems. Problems on two-dimensional dynamically adaptive moving meshes. Computation of gas dynamic problems on two-dimensional dynamically adaptive embedded meshes. Numerical investigation of accuracy of TVD scheme at gas dynamic singularities. Test problems of viscous gas flows. Viscous gas flow in inlet. Deceleration of a gas flow in a pseudo-shock. Conclusion.

Author: Professor, Doctor of Sciences A.N.Gil'manov. Leading Scientist of the Institute of Mechanical Engineering of the Russian Academy of Sciences.

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