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john August 6, 2001 07:49

movement of sanddune

who did work on movement of sanddune by wind or similiar problem? At the moment, I am interested in how to deal with boundary and time marching. Please give some advices. Thanks.

HVN August 6, 2001 08:06

Re: movement of sanddune
Try with Dr Hermann.

john August 6, 2001 09:12

Re: movement of sanddune
Thank you for your direction. His paper for sand dunes model has been accepted.

A continuum saltation model for sand dunes

G. Sauermann, K. Kroy, H.J. Herrmann

Phys. Rev. E, Acceptée, 2001 In my opinion, except DEM for this problem, CFD should have a role on it as well. For example, we can image that there is a pile of sand in one room. Gas is injected from the door. Phenomena will be as followings. Some sands will flow with wind to be two phase flow.( this pile of sand is the source of sand flow). some sands still are there and are moved by wind force. In this situation, flow field of gas will be time-dependant. Sand flow behavior in gas also changes with time. The whole process is a dynamic process. From CFD opinions, for this simple natural phenomena, how to deal with it? Thanks from a new comer

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