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andy December 10, 1998 12:55

Pictures and Equations?
I think this is a question for Jonas and/or people who know about the web. Is there a reasonable way to communicate:

(1) Pictures. Posting a postscript file or an html document somewhere? (I have just e-mailed some pictures to a contributor but it has cut out other people)

(2) Equations. If we can do (1) then equations follow. If not, what proportion of people would find equations written in Latex informative?

Given how long it takes to download the messages at the moment, I am assuming that downloading pictures would have to be made optional?

Jonas Larsson December 10, 1998 14:45

Re: Pictures and Equations?
You can include pictures directly in your post here provided that you have access to a web server where you can store the image file. The picture should be in either gif or jpeg format. To include a picture in your post just write something like this:

<IMG SRC="http://www.some.server/path/to/image/file.gif">

First you have to store the image at the http://www.some.server/path/to/image/file.gif location though.

Here is an example of how this looks with the CFD Online logo:


Equations are more tricky. You could use Latex2HTML or something like that to create gif images of your eqations and then include them here, but that is a bit too much work I suppose. Hopefully HTML will soon have equation-tags similar to LaTeX. Until then it is okay with LaTeX source for me. I think most of the research community reads this. Anyone object?

John C. Chien December 10, 1998 14:54

Re: Pictures and Equations?
Back in 94, I was working in Taiwan, and I was able to use e-mail on Internat to communicate with my son at UCLA for about a year, including many pictures. I remember I had to cut down the picture memory size in order to send it ( by reducing the color levels of a picture.). You can use a paint program to read the picture. In HTML, a picture is stored in a file at any address. ( Normally, it takes a long time to download a picture. a small picture, or fewer colors would speed up the transmission process. ) I think you need a place to store your picture so that people can access that location to read the file.

andy December 11, 1998 10:51

Re: Pictures and Equations?
It seems to work (after some help from Jonas). I went lyx->latex->latex2html and picked up the gif files. A small but workable overhead.

A couple of equations:

and a non-conformal orthogonal grid:

The gif files will probably disappear fairly soon.

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