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Dzeff G. December 10, 1998 22:24

Help With Modeling A Projectile Fluid In Flight.

I am a student of chemical engineering at the university of Connecticut in my junior year. I am trying to model a fluid that is sprayed out of a spray bottle. The experiment is to prove that viscocity and surface tension have some proportionality to the spread of radius of these fluids at different distances away from the nozzle. Three different fluids were used- Water, Vegetable oil, and Acetone. We added food coloring to the fluids and sprayed them through a white mesh fabric. We were then able to measure the radius of the perfect circular print left behind. As expected, the more viscus the fluid was, the less the radius changed. Now my question is - HOW DO YOU MODEL THAT? I assume that the fluid breaks apart when the force of drag acting opposite the directrion of flow becomes greater that the force of surface tension and/or viscocity. I also assumed that the fluid was a continuum and that the fact that the fluid broke up into droplets was negligable. Please help with any suggestions. Feel free to post your response here or e-mail me @ Thank you


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