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Danny Tandra August 22, 2001 00:22

Turbulence model for supersonic jet
Dear All:

I am going to simulate 1. a free supersonic jet 2. Both supersonic and subsonic jet impinged on an object. The jet and the object are located at a very hot surrounding (the temperature difference between the jet and surrounding could be as high as 500 C)

Does anyone know what is the best turbulence model should I use ?

Would k-e model together with pope and sarkar correction terms be sufficient to describe the physics of the flow ?

Thank you


John C. Chien August 22, 2001 01:24

Re: Turbulence model for supersonic jet
(1). A very strange question indeed. (2). You will have to do your own CFD analysis and modeling of the jet problem. And the best model and the approach is the one which will give you the best answer by you. (3). You can pick any model and then do the modeling to get the right solution. (unless you can find one which is already validated for your problem. In that case, it is not very interesting at all, I guess)

Alexey August 24, 2001 04:01

Re: Turbulence model for supersonic jet

recently, I dealt with this problem (as applied to metallurgy) and found the following: 1) RANS (Reynolds average NS) approach is unable to correctly predict turbulent (Re = 10^6...10^7) supersonic jets due to the fact that acoustical field aroud the jet rather affects to the jet . I used Menter's k-w model.

Alexey August 24, 2001 04:10

Re: Turbulence model for supersonic jet
I continue...

2) I believe in this case the best approach is Large Eddy Simulation (LES) since it allows to take into account unstedy large eddies interacting with acoustical field.

Regards Alexey

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