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Kong Kok Haw August 22, 2001 03:03

Variable mesh for NASA-VOF3D
Dear sir,

Hi, I have a question. The NASA-VOF3D program is able to simulate variable mesh size. But is it possible to vary the size at z-coordinate, such that the top and bottom face has different length? where it is actually to bend the cylinder tube into an elbow. TQ for your consideration.

Regards, Kok Haw

Jim Park August 22, 2001 15:04

Re: Variable mesh for NASA-VOF3D
The code works strictly with brick shaped control volumes. Strictly orthogonal.

You might be able to set up the region you describe using the FAVOR (fractional area volume obstacle representation) feature of NASA-VOF3D.

This freature allows blocking all or part of selected groups of control volumes to flow, creating smooth curved boundaries within the mesh. The fluid motion is followed (including any free surfaces via VOF) within the unblocked cells.

Do a search within cfd-online for more information on FAVOR.

Kong Kok Haw August 24, 2001 01:48

Re: Variable mesh for NASA-VOF3D
Thanks, Jim. Can anyone please provide me more information on FAVOR. TQ.

Jim Park August 24, 2001 10:31

Re: Variable mesh for NASA-VOF3D
Sorry I've gotten lazy!

Look at

Sicilian, J. M. & Hirt, C. W., "An Efficient Computational Scheme for Tracking Contaminant Concentrations in Fluid Flows," JCP, v. 56, pp. 428-447, 1984.

There's also a short appendix on the subject in

Martin D. Torrey, Lawrence D. Cloutman, Raymond C. Mjolness, & C. W. Hirt, "NASA-VOF2D: A Computer Program for Incompressible Flows with Free Surfaces," LA-10612-MS, Los Alamos, NM, 1985.

This references other Los Alamos reports.

shipgod63 July 31, 2010 08:05

Vof 3d

would you please send me NASA VOF 3D report?

Best regards,

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