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Kunal Jain August 24, 2001 13:01

SIMPLE Cavity Flow
I am trying to solve for a cavity driven flow for an incompressible fluid. I just wanted to ask when using staggered grids in a SIMPLE algorithm

1.) For specifying the parallel velocity of the wall be implemented as a source term rather than specifying the velocity itself Thanks

John C. Chien August 26, 2001 11:43

Re: SIMPLE Cavity Flow
(1). Don't quite understand your question.(2). First follow the books or the technical papers to get your answer, then you can try out your ideas. (3). The wall is always the boundary condition, which can be formulated explicitly in the iterative procedure, or it can be formulated implicitly. (4). The moving wall should be treated the same as the fixed wall, that is the velocity of the walls are given and fixed.

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