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Malama, Bwalya August 28, 2001 16:23

Pipe flow with permeable walls
Is the pressure distribution across a given cross-section of a pipe with permeable walls through which a fluid flows uniform if there is also flow normal to the wall occurs? What packages could be used to compute such a distribution if it exists?

Alton J. Reich August 29, 2001 09:46

Re: Pipe flow with permeable walls
The latest release (v6.6) of out CFD-ACE+ package includes the ability to simulate flows through porous media. As long as you have enough information to define the porosity and permeability of the pipe, such an analysis can be performed.

Regards, Alton

Kike August 29, 2001 11:15

Re: Pipe flow with permeable walls
Dear Malama

Your first question seems to have not a trivial answer, at least for me, but the second one is very easy to answer (at least for me).

You can do it using PHOENICS. Depending on the complexity of your geometry you can even use it Shareware version. I think it is freely available for Universities or students. Nevertheless, check it at Good luck


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