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Geoff Rathbun August 31, 2001 11:36

Engine Design: is there a good CFD book?
I'm developing some simple existing code for a Stirling Engine. I have no CFD theory books and am just working from basic fluid mechanics equations. It seems to be working OK, as I get meaningfull results... but oscillations are common. I figure I need to look at relevant theory to help me on my way. I am modelling a Stirling Engine in 1D only (this is adequate I feel). Model must handle wall friction and compressibility as well as good heat transfer effects.

Is there a good book out there that applies well to my field of interest?

thanks for your interest....

John C. Chien August 31, 2001 12:26

Re: Engine Design: is there a good CFD book?
(1). Depending upon the final modelled equation, you can select the proper method to solve it. (2). "Applied Numerical Methods" published in 60's, will have Fortran codes for various types of problems. It will be either parabolic or hyperbolic (or even mixed). Why not take a look at the numerical analysis book first.

Gordan Feric August 31, 2001 19:48

Re: Engine Design: is there a good CFD book?

If you need help with physical properties and other numerical values, check out the Engineering Software (EngWare) web site at: where you can find lots of free material such as: slide shows, online calculators, demos etc.


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