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John C. Chien September 3, 2001 19:39

Virus Warning
(1). E-mails have been received with attachment containing Virus, after Virus Scan. You must do the Virus scan first, or delete the e-mail right away. (2). The most recent e-mail says" Hi! How are you? I send you this file in order to have your advice. See you later. Thanks. " (3). The sender of this e-mail comes from: "". I hope someone can track down this address.(4). If you do not know the person, delete the e-mail right away. (5). If you have cfd questions, post it here.

S.P.Asok September 4, 2001 00:41

Re: Virus Warning
Dear friends, It is highly shocking that attachments contain viruses.It is the foremost duty of all the communicators to check that their communications do not possibly contain any contaminants.The cfd-online is doing a very,very noble job and everybody should take care that we are not damaging ourselves.In our computer systems here we have put up the Nortan Anti Virus facility by which all the outgoing and incoming emails are automatically checked for viruses.We invariably check for viruses in all attachments.

The vexing point in my opinion is that 99% of virues are transfered unwittingly without any trace of a knowledge to the sender/receiver.All the net users need not be adept in the use of computers.Hence cfd-online should lay down certain stipulations abiding by which only anyone can send a message to them.Mr.John C.Chien has recommended that any message should be scanned before sending.This should be followed by all regorously.Regards.

Jonas Larsson September 4, 2001 02:26

Re: Virus Warning
Yep, this is one mutation of the notorious W32/Sircam virus. You can find more information about it here: <A HREF=""></A>.

Over the last few weeks I have received several hundreds, perhaps thousands, of emails infected with this virus. They all have a very similar saying - something like:

"Hi! How are you?

I send you this file in order to have your advice

See you later. Thanks"

The attachment is what infects you - there is no danger reading the email as long as you don't open the attachment.

This virus can only spread to windows machines. So all of us running Linux are safe.

Fred Uckfield September 4, 2001 04:41

Re: Virus Warning
"........So all of us running Linux are safe."

If not a little backward ;) ;)

Jonas Larsson September 4, 2001 10:02

Re: Virus Warning
Heh, yea, lets start a religious operating system flame war ;-) has been running on linux for several years btw.

At work we have soon replaced all our HP's and SGI's with Linux machines - today we run most of our larger CFD simulations on a cluster of 128 Linux machines. Introducing linux machines in a Unix environment has been very easy and pain-free. Transitioning from Unix to Windows would have been an order of magnitude more costly, if at all possible.

The few "backwards" ;-) people who haven't realized the potential in Linux had better wake up soon.... I wonder how Microsoft's licenses scales up to > 100 CPUs... with linux it scales as $0*100 = $0 - nice!

John C. Chien September 4, 2001 13:18

Re: Virus Warning
(1). I am more interested in the religious war. It is something new to me. And it seems to me that religion is somehow related to war. (2). I think, cfd is war, because numerical analysis and math modelling in fluid mechanics requires a lot of training, and brain activities not to mention the environment which is needed to carry out such activities. In other words, cfd is highly competitive. (3). From the opening statement, it seems to me that a religious country is likely to get involved in war. In general, communism in some countries can be considered as religion. And if religion is everwhere, then the war will be everywhere. So much for the religious war. (4). What is interesting is:HP and SGI are being replaced by LINUX machines. In other words, "being replaced" is the key words. "Intel CPU" could be replaced by "Digital Alpha CPU", and "Digital" could be replaced by "Compaq". Now, "Compaq" could be replaced by "HP". In the price war, the products and companies are always replaced by the cheaper one. That is something Darwin failed to discover years ago. If you produce more, it will be cheaper. So, smaller fish can survive easier, I think. While the big ones are becoming endangered species. (5). But it is clear that if you don't have HP, SGI, Windows NT,...etc., you are not going to have LINUX. Because LINUX is part of the evolution. How can you develop LINUX on LINUX when LINUX was learning how to write a program? (6). A company fails, not because it can not function, but because it can not compete. The reason it can not compete, is because it does not want to give up the past and learn the newer technology. So, if one seal the idea in something like a code, than, sooner or later, it will become obsolete. And someone else will take over from that point. (7). With that in mind, it becomes clear that, if the company does not want to change, then at some point, it will be replaced by other company. So, to change is to survive. And LINUX was able to change, so it is still there. I must say that, it is the change which has been the driving force for LINUX to stay alive. Others don't want to change, so they are likey to be replaced. (8). I have seen many companies in turbomachinery business in recent years, the problem has been the resistence to change. This is not unusual, because people are operating like the operating system, and they always think that they are right. This is so, because you can do that easily by just closing the eyes. Then you will be the only one. But in reality, other people are working very hard and are moving forward at the speed of light. (9). And I am sure that, if LINUX close its eyes now (thinking that HP, SGI, Windows NT don't exist at all), pretty soon, it will find itself in a very strange world. (10). So, in the world of evolution, and religion, (because the existence of religion lead to the discovery of evolution, almost) the cheaper sometimes has the advantage over the more expensive one. But on the other hands, the cheaper one can not survive, if the expensive ones all got wiped out. At that point, the cheaper one will be forced to take the position of the expensive one. (11). Whether it is a relegious war, or evolutional war, the state is always temporary. A lot of household good nowadays are being made in Asia, because it is cheaper there. And that will be the source of the future war. Imagine that 1.2 billions in China are working as cheap labor force for the world economy forever. (12). It obvious that something is going to happen next. But since a code(or codes) can not correct by itself, a free program will have to be improved by persons willingly to work very hard for "nothing", which is the bottom of the cheap labor force. (one could donate more time, and that becomes negative labor force, I think) (13). What I am saying is, using the available resources and knowledge, it is possible to design something cheaper. But cheaper goods and labor can only lead to even cheaper goods and labor. Somewhere along the line, people will decide to become richer instead of getting poor. (14). It is probably true that this is the time for cheaper products and companies. And free software is the best option. Like relegion, it is mostly free. But like relegion, there are always relegious war. (15).War for what? To get relegion more relegious, and to get the free software even cheaper. (16). The truth is: for a company to survive, it must go out and find the best engineer, and for a person to survive, he must exercise his brain all the time. You can't stop the stock market to move up or down. You can't stop a company to disappear. All you can do is to exercise your brain, or to give others opportunities to exercise theirs. (17). After the computers are replaced by LINUX, you will not going to see the need for improvement, and that will be the cause for the company to disappear. And it will, because I say so. My prediction is now about 95% accurate, believe it or not.

Peter Attar September 4, 2001 14:47

Re: Virus Warning
I think I should get some kind of medal for reading all of that.

John C. Chien September 4, 2001 15:18

Re: Virus Warning
(1). Are you ready to read the source listing of LINUX?

Peter Attar September 4, 2001 16:16

Re: Virus Warning
No...I was just pulling your chain John..however my eyes did start to glaze over at about number 10.

John C. Chien September 4, 2001 17:41

Re: Virus Warning
(1). The point I was trying to make is: free codes can not think by itself. But by using the free codes, you are giving away the opportunities to exercise your brain, which is essential to your survival. (2). By using free codes, the code writers get the chances to write more codes, which increase their probability to survive. (3). So, when the school kids start using free cfd software at school, we know that pretty soon the software industries will go to far east for help. (4). And if the computers are being built cheaper in far east in quantities, you are going to see poor business, and more companies will suffer and are likely to disapper.(unless you can keep selling cheap computers in an unlimited market place) (5). People always need computers, and software, but not the mass produced computers and software. A brand new working quartz analog watch is now selling at $5.00US at the flea market nearby. It is hard to ask people to buy many five-dollar watches. And in many cases, you can buy a brand new product and get the refund at a computer store with total cost of zero dollar. (6). The principle behind is: to stay alive, one needs to have the opportunity to think. And giving away free software is just one way to achieve that goal.(until the investor realizes that it is not a good dream any more. when they decided to get their money back, the company will cease to exist, I think)

christian September 10, 2001 16:02

lost the plot?
was'nt this a virus alert? cos I read it to late. But I don't know if its done anything to my windows machine!

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