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Mohamed Salah GUEROUACHE December 14, 1998 12:50


I am a PhD student in Nantes (Ouest of France) and I use STAR-CD to simulate the laminar viscous flow past a circular cylinder in both confined and infinite medium. I am looking for STAR-CD users all around the world in order to exchange our experiences using this CFD.

Looking to hear from you soon,

Sincerly Yours, Mohamed.

E-mail :

Brian O. Olsen December 21, 1998 05:33

Re: STAR-CD Users
Hi Mohamed,

I am more or less doing the same as you, except I based my PhD on bluff bodies (mainly the square cylinder) in highly turbulent flows. The CFD calculations are done with Star-CD.

My aim is to compute the unsteady forces, as input to an aero-acoustic calculation.


-- Brian

Mr. Brian O. Olsen

ISVR, University of Southampton, UK

Email :

Andrew Hamer January 1, 1999 00:44

Re: STAR-CD Users

I have been using STAR*CD for many years and am always looking for other advanced users to exchange ideas, knowledge and experiences. Feel free to e-mail me directly.


Subhasish Roy Choudhury January 5, 1999 12:03

Re: STAR-CD Users
I have been using STAR-CD and other commercial CFd codes for number of years, and would be happy to exchange ideas.

Best regards,

Roy 518-387-5928

Fabien Coppens January 5, 1999 12:32

Re: STAR-CD Users
I am a StarCD user as well.

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