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Prashant September 5, 2001 13:04

Expanding meshes
Dear all, I'm interested in some biomedical applications of CFD, in which the flow cavity or geometry itself changes w.r.t. time. I am looking for a CFD code that can handle this expansion and contraction of meshes. Is FIDAP the only code in market that can handle this? R there any other codes that deal with these kind of "flexible geometries"? Which is better? Thanks in advance.

Astrid September 5, 2001 17:28

Re: Expanding meshes
There are several commercial packages that can do the job. I work with CFX 4.4 which can handle the contraction and expansion.

Good luck, Astrid

Raza Mirza September 5, 2001 21:45

Re: Expanding meshes
CFD-ACE+ from CFD Research Corporation ( can handle this problem easily. Surface deformation can be prescribed in terms or functions or they can be calculated based on fluid forces if you are interested in fluid-structural interaction.

Visit there website and you will find some interesting biomedical applications. One of them may exactly match what you are looking for.

I also attended Fluent's automotive user group meeting this year. They are claiming beta capabilities with moving meshes in version 6. It is however developed largely with the moving pistion-cylinder type applications.

Andrew Parker September 6, 2001 05:17

Re: Expanding meshes
As far as I am aware Fluent 6 will do this, I have had a presentation on this for a different application, and I think it will apply to you.


Amita September 6, 2001 06:17

Re: Expanding meshes
Fluidyn series of software (commercialized by Transoft) are designed to couple CFD with structural deformation (solving FV& FE simultaneously, either for thermal or mechanical deformation). You can visit Transoft's Website or contact me for a small mesh expanding case demo.


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