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LOUCHE September 7, 2001 14:48

WET SCRUBBER simulation
Hello, I am looking for a software that allows to modelize spray column used for desulfurization. These columns work with water and gaz that contains SO2. Cheers.


alain September 9, 2001 06:16

Re: WET SCRUBBER simulation
Hi chris,

you may use different software for wet scrubber simulation.

Your choise will depend on :

1/ what you exactly want to take into account (particle trajectories, SO2 adsorption, wall inpregnation) depending on the purpose of you simulation

2/ The budget you have for buying the software.

Best regards

Christophe Louche September 10, 2001 04:51

Re: WET SCRUBBER simulation
Thanks for your answer, What I really need is a software that can describe the SO2 absorption in a dropplet that contains lime. This software, of course, should be the less expensive as possible.


alain September 10, 2001 10:02

Re: WET SCRUBBER simulation
Dear Chris,

In your wet scrubbler problem, there are several point which can be more or less critical depending on geometry and what you are looking for :

1/ flow field,

2/ particles trajectories with or without wall impigment

3/ SO2 adsorption on droplets

4/ Heat transfert, ...

if you think that every thing is important you should look at a high cfd software. I never used it but I heard that CFX perform well for multiphase simulation. Fluent can also do the job but you will need User Defined Fonction for SO2 adsorption. Nevertheless this approach will be long and costly.

If deal essentially with point 1 and 2 a low end softawre package such as FloWorks for example can do the job. In this case you will have to postprocess Adsorption.

If point 3 is the most important but you can make assumption on flow field you may considerer to develop your own program in order to take into account particle trajectories and adsorption

At last, depending on you position, if this need is ponctual you may consider to hire a consultant.

I hope this could help you. Let me know more on you application and I may help you further on your software choice.

Best regards


p. fortuijn September 10, 2001 16:50

Re: WET SCRUBBER simulation
Femlab (Finite Element Method, Matlab-add-on) can do flow, heat transfer and physical chemistry processes like adsoprtion quite easily (Points 1, 3 and 4). Never worked with it but I have seen it working.

You can check out

Cheers, P.Fortuijn

Christophe Louche September 11, 2001 05:13

Re: WET SCRUBBER simulation
Hi Alain, In fact, I have actually done a simulation of the flow field in a wet spray scrubber of 35 meter high on Fluent. It shows interresting phenomenon like a great rotation of the gas in the scrubber. Secondly, when the calculus was converged, I have done a "particles tracks" to visualize the particles trajectories in the scrubber. The bubble was considered as a little ball with no heat and mass transfer. Now, my problem is to modelize the mass transfer of SO2 between a droplet of water that contains lime and the gas. I want the simplest model as possible but the main difficulty is to know the K and [SO2]i in the mass transfer equation : N = K ([SO2] - [SO2]i). Best Regards. Chris Louche.

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