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J. Keays September 17, 2001 10:26

Low Reynolds k-e model.

Could anyone give me the name of the paper in which the low-reynolds number k-e model which is used in NUMECA's software was first presented. I know it is in the users guide, but I odn't have access to it at this moment in time.

Also, with regard to

Thank you all,



Remi Lestriez September 19, 2001 03:52

Re: Low Reynolds k-e model.
Dear Mr. Keays,

Please find hereafter a list of papers from NUMECA related to turbulence modelling. Feel free to contatct us for more information.


Remi Lestriez

1. CH. HIRSCH & A. KHODAK (1995). Modelling of Complex Internal Flows with Reynolds Stress Algebraic Equation Model~R. 26th AIAA Fluid Dynamics Conference, 1995. 2. CH. HIRSCH & A. KHODAK (1995). Application of Different Turbulence Models for Duct Flow Simulation with Reduced and Full Navier-Stokes Equations. ASME paper No. 95-GT-145, ASME TURBO EXPO~R 95, Houston, TX, USA, June 5-8, 1995. 3. CH. HIRSCH & A. KHODAK (1996). Second Order Non-linear k-e models with explicit effect of curvature and rotation. Presented at the 3rd ECCOMAS CFD Conference, Paris, France, September 9-13, 1996. 4. N. HAKIMI, CH. HIRSCH & S. PIERRET (2000). 'Presentation and Application of a New Extended k- Model with Wall Function'. Presented at the ECCOMAS CFD Conference, Barcelona, Spain, September 11-14,2000. 5. R. K. BYSKOV (2000). 'Large Eddy Simulation of Flow Structures in a Centrifugal Pump Impeller. Part 1 : Theory and Simulation of Pump Flow ; Part 2 : Code Validation'. Ph. D. Thesis submitted to the Faculty of Engineering & Science at Aalborg University, Denmark, Sept. 2000

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