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Rodrigo Lucianetti December 15, 1998 16:24

CFD code for Convection + Radiation

I am interested in buying a CFD comercial code for simulating natural and forced convection in internal enclosures, involving radiation and complex 3D geometries.

I am really considering subjects like solver performance (CPU time) and robustness. I do not care about GUI facilities and "extra" Visualization tools.

I am considering between Fluent and CFX-TASCflow. What would be more apropriated?

Thanks in advance,

R. L.

Rasputin December 16, 1998 03:40

Re: CFD code for Convection + Radiation
CFX, definately although Flotherm may be a more appropriate and easier tool to use.

Raza Mirza December 16, 1998 11:41

Re: CFD code for Convection + Radiation
CFD-ACE+ by CFD Research Corporation has advanced capabilities for modeling Convection + Radiation. Please visit our website at

Anthony Iannetti December 18, 1998 21:01

Re: CFD code for Convection + Radiation

IN general, Fluent and the CFX 4-5 packages have advanced thermal radiation capibilities. I would have to give the advantage to Fluent. The have all of the major types of radiation models (or really simplifications to the integral equation of radition heat transfer). The has the P1 method, another simplification of the P1 method (I forget what it is called, the DTRM model, and the discrete ordinates model. It also has a carbon particulate radiation model, ans a WSGG emissivity sub model. One thing in adavnace, all of the companies are fluids people. These models are included, but very few people use them. I encounterd this when I worked on my master's thesis. So be warned, no matter who you choses, you are on your own.


Hallim December 23, 1998 16:33

Re: CFD code for Convection + Radiation
Hi I didn't recommend to use FLUENT if you are going to use Radiation models. I had alot of problems with modeling radiation in Fluent. Think about some thing else.

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