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yfyap September 18, 2001 22:13

on cavity driven flow
hi there,

i have coded a progrom to simulate the flow in a rectangular cavity. the problem is formulated in vorticity-stream function. i employed the method of false transient and solutions were obtained for various Re numbers. to my surprise, for Re>100(upwind scheme is used for Re>100), i obtained two different solutions for each Re by using different time step. i checked for the continuity equation and it is satisfied for both solutions.

can this be true or is it a kind of bifurcations? please advise. thanks in advance.

regards, yfyap

Junseok Kim September 19, 2001 06:24

Re: on cavity driven flow
One of possibility is upwind method is explicit scheme, so it has CFL condition which is restricted by Re number.

Sebastien Perron September 19, 2001 08:12

Re: on cavity driven flow
Sorry, there is only one solution for each Re nunber. Was your system truly converged in both cases?

John C. Chien September 19, 2001 18:16

Re: on cavity driven flow
(1). Check out your code on a simpler check case first. (2). What is your "false transient" method?

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