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Franck Grégoire September 19, 2001 08:16

A job in CFD (linked CV - Doctoral Thesis online)
I am 29 years old french guy living at Stockholm (Sweden). I have been studying Mechanics in Paris (France) and finished by a licenciate in Fluid Mechanics and Simulation at KTH in Stockholm.

At the moment I am looking for a job in the CFD area. I can propose you to have a look at my CV which is online with a direct link to my doctoral thesis. If you have anything to propose or any tips, I would be happy that you contact me.

Thanks for your help, Franck.

??? September 19, 2001 12:56

Re: Not really the right place...
Didn't you just post this a few lines down? This really isn't the place to advertise. I would hate to see this forum become filled with CV's....what a mess that would be.

Maybe, one should consider having a place for this in the job forum.

Franck Grégoire September 19, 2001 13:05

Re: Not really the right place...
I agree with you that it would be nice if we had a special forum for that! But there is not at the moment. That was the last message I wrote.

Axel Rohde September 19, 2001 13:10

Re: Resume Forum - a great idea!

I think the idea of creating a separate forum on your web site for CFD job seekers to post their resume is a great idea. This would greatly serve the CFD community, both employers and potential employees.


John C. Chien September 19, 2001 17:20

Re: A job in CFD (linked CV - Doctoral Thesis onli
(1). Thank you very much for the information. I have downloaded your PhD thesis. Excellant work. (2). The training and the quality of the thesis are relatively high, especially the turbulence modeling is one of the major part of CFD. (3). This guy is professional and well-prepared. Those who are interested in turbulence modeling should try to download this free Phd thesis. (are Americans still talking about inviscid flow calculation? using VB or JAVA? )

John Chien (Alter Ego) September 20, 2001 10:42

Re: A job in CFD (linked CV - Doctoral Thesis onli
alot of Universities have online thesis. Its becoming standard now. Much more in Europe than the states. I know MIT's are mostly on-line.

John C. Chien September 20, 2001 14:08

Re: A job in CFD (linked CV - Doctoral Thesis onli
(1). The forum needs live person in addition to the online thesis. (2). If MIT researchers are doing research in turbulence modeling, come join us in this forum. Otherwise,....the thesis will not be known for a long time here.

Li Yang September 21, 2001 12:41

Re: A job in CFD (linked CV - Doctoral Thesis onli
UMI has collected lots of PhD thesis. Unfortunately, it is not free. See:

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